About Us


In 2000, Patricia Rodriguez Christian founded CRC Group Inc. to provide large office environments with streamlined mail, courier and copy services as well as specific business service needs. Our team of service professionals can streamline your mail center, reorganize your print/copy center, ensure the security of your incoming mail, speed courier processing and provide results-oriented operations and equipment consulting.

Our company has been profiled in Mail Magazine as a leader in mail services and security clearance processes. With our staff of dedicated business process professionals, CRC Group handles business services for our clients throughout the Southwest.

President & CEO Patricia Rodriguez Christian

In 2000, Ms. Rodriguez Christian founded CRC Group, Inc to provide corporate clients with streamlined business support in mail centers, copy centers, courier services and office support services. CRC Group provides outsourcing services that allow corporations to concentrate on their core business. With over 25 years of private and public sector experience, and as an entrepreneur, her perspective is diverse and she brings an expanded, forward thinking approach to any challenge.

The company’s appreciation for the challenges of corporate America comes from experience as managers at Fortune 100 firms where the need for cost containment and improved service quality is paramount. The firm’s work has been profiled in national industry publications, and the firm participates on a national level speaking on business support services and logistics.