Document Destruction

Protect your company…employees…customers…
and yourself with certified document destruction.

Identity Theft is the number one crime in America today. It is more important than ever for companies to keep their sensitive documents secure. Last year alone – 90 million cases of identity theft were reported. Theft, vandalism and industrial espionage are becoming ever increasing security problems.

Outdated or inactive company files can also become damaging once they have reached their legal limit of retention. Shredding this information protects you and your company against potential lawsuits.

If a competitor acquired information that could damage your business from your daily discarded office wastes. Would your customers be satisfied with how you handle your daily customer information?

When companies outsource their document destruction to CRC Group, they are assured that all their sensitive information is secure. Locked containers are provided and documents are deposited for safe keeping until an on-site shredding truck is scheduled for destruction. All material is destroyed on the client’s premises and a Certificate of Destruction is provided, thus becoming your legal audit trail. CRC GROUP specializes in cost effectiveness, confidentiality, and convenience. From daily activity to yearly cleanouts; we will customize a document destruction program to meet your needs.