Mail Facilities

Mail Center Facilities Management

What happens in your mail room is critical to the efficiency of your business. Though we’d like to think we’re becoming a paperless society, studies indicate differently. We haven’t reduced paper; we’ve simply added new technologies. Understanding how to best process information and communication throughout the company can make the difference between profit and loss.

At CRC Group, we’ll help you uncover ways to improve efficiencies in your internal mail delivery through centralized delivery or personal office delivery – whichever best meets your business service requirements.

We manage your delivery service to ensure:

  • Consistency

  • Timeliness

  • Customer satisfaction

Incoming Delivery

We have a proven process that will speed internal delivery and improve delivery accuracy. Our effective receiving system:

  • Efficiently accounts for packages received and delivered

  • Enhances tracking services

  • Reduces internal lost package claims

Shipping Services

Our comprehensive shipping services knowledge enables you to rest easy, knowing that your important information will be delivered to the correct receiver on time. We handle:

  • Outgoing USPS, air and ground packages

  • Departmental charge-back information

  • Customized shipping reports

  • Invoice processing

  • Interpretation of shipping regulations

  • Carrier audit services

In addition, we coordinate end-of-day carrier pick-ups, track shipping expenses by carrier and per piece mailings costs, and resolve any customer service issues promptly and fairly.